Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Operation Disc Drop

Dropped a couple of these last at Elmwood High, the other in the Calendar Club kiosk at Polo Park

Straight Outta Compton - Nina Gordon

A kid In the hall told me that he just discovered NWA. Yeah, I'm the teacher that they tell that kinda stuff too.

Betterman (live in South Africa) - Pearl Jam

A great version of a great song.

Number of the Beast - Zwan

Brings back memories...when I taught up North, this was on the mixed cd that we were listening to while we buried a friend's truck in snow.

Redemption Song (live) - Chris Cornell

Really love this one...would've loved to have seen him when he rolled through the 'peg earlier in the fall.

Badfish/Boss DJ - Jack Johnson

Jack doing Sublime... a little bit of a summery vibe that we need in November!

The Pizza Song - The Bouncing Souls

A fun song...I miss being able to buy a good, big slice like I can back home. I wish we could get that one together there Manitoba.

George Jones Talkin' Cell Phone Blues - Drive-By Truckers

Love my Truckers...recently read a Jones biography...this song sums up the most recent years pretty good.

Rollerskate Skinny - Old 97's

Just sticking with that alt-country vibe introduced last track...Rediscovered this one whilse trolling through the archives for a different song.

Local Celebrities - The Paperbacks

My new faves...been listening a lot lately...Winnipeg band. Love what the lyrics say about that fickle finger of celebrity.

Nobody Said It Was Easy - The Four Horsemen

A fave to crank on the iPod on the drive home. Shameless guilty pleasure to sing in the car.

Darling Nikki - Foo Fighters

I got Foos tickets last week! I like popping rarities on a mix like this. (Though I guess since this has been officially released, it ain't a rarity no more.)

Returning To The Fold - The Thermals

One of my musical discoveries of the year. So much fun, and a great show!

True Patriot Love - Joel Plaskett Emergency

Reppin' the east coast...that's all this is about!

Realize - Air Traffic Control

More East coast stuff...a friend's band, check them out!

Plea From A Cat Named Virtue - The Weakerthans

I love this song. I love the fact that it's a narrative from the cat's point of much fun!

I've Got An Ape Drape - The Vandals

Just ponder mullets for a you understand why this was included!

Breakfast Club - Z-Trip

Fun...and I want those Saturday mornings back.

The Maritimes - Classified

Pretty self explanatory...Miss the coast the most!

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