Friday, March 30, 2007


One of the reasons I started this blog was so that I could post on ArtJumble.

It's a really cool site I came across. They give weekly assignments, and artistical folk post their take on the assignment. I'm hoping to stay on top of this, especially since I'm not planning on taking an art class until the fall again.

Anywho, this is my first contribution. The assignment was the zodiac. I was working on a unit for school, and wound up spending a bunch of time Googling 'The Mighty Hercules.'

March Break Sketches

Usually, after church on Sundays, DW and I take a stack of schoolwork to the local coffee shop and have lunch, and do a bit of schoolwork. This week, since there was no school, I brought my sketchbook instead. The coffee shop has a bunch of masks on the wall. One I just drew, the other, I put on a body of sorts. Much more fun than school work. (gel pen again)

Rodin sketches...

Before Christmas, I was taking a drawing class at the WAG. (Winnipeg Art Gallery) They had a Rodin exhibit, and we went in one evening to sketch. I worked in ink, (gel pen to be specific) and thouroughly enjoyed myself!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Old school stuff

These are a pair of paintings that I did for folks the school Darling Wife (or DW as she'll be referred to henceforth) used to work at. It's a logo that I tossed together for some sweatshirts we got for the kids. Dropped the logos on top of some wildernessy stuff I painted up.

Hey there, ho there!!

Got myself on of these here fancy bloggin' spots, and I figured it was time to start using it!

I'm planning on using it to stick some of the arty stuff I play at out for perusal. A bunch of folks wanting to see it are pretty far away, and I'll be honest, I wouldn't be too good at emailing stuff all over.

For the first bit, it'll probably be some catchup as I post some older pieces, really just from the past year. I'm also hoping that having this space will give me the extra kick in the pants I need to do more!
This is a piece that I actually just finished. It seems that my camera is doing some odd thing related to capturing straight edges, so I may repost. I just dig the colours!