Monday, March 9, 2009

12 Months - 12 Paintings

Finally finished a painting!

I could use this as a forum to complain about all the reasons that I haven't finished anything before, but I won't.

Terry was hanging out at school, and I wasn't teaching Art when the second semester started...I often painted along with the kiddies...finally, waiting for the Mrs. to finish up an afterschool meeting, I had time to slap on the last few touches...

Now, to find a place for him in my classroom...

52 Weeks - 52 Books #13, 14 & 15

I posted these three together, as I read them in succession.

My co-teacher and I in the English department,( Okay, that's stretching it, we are the English department.) decided that we would set up our courses so that each class had a unifying theme. It's been working really well. I've actually been doing the reading for some stuff for next year's themes, so we can be on the ball and order some new novels. (That's an ulterior motive...getting some new novels into the rotation!)

One theme I really want to do is a 'War & Peace' theme. So I read these. Myers' books are great. I've read a pile of his YA fiction, and it's really good. I especially liked Sunrise over Fallujah...nice to read something current.

Night, well, Night is great. What a fantastic account of the Holocaust. Jeez, I just read that. By fantastic I mean well written, with a very definite voice.

I could've erased that, but I figured it stands very interestingly as is.

52 Weeks - 52 Books #12

More Star Wars shenanigans...

I'll be honest, I'm looking forward to ending the series, not because it's bad, but I'm feeling kind of locked into the series, like I should have one of these in the wings, ready to be read...