Friday, June 15, 2007

This sh.. is Bananas!

I was thinking I needed a logo, or whatever. I doodled this guy up. It's Bananas, our stuffed monkey, who travels pretty much everywhere we do.

I'm hoping at some point to take this, and spiff it up know, when I get time.

ArtJumble: Rabbits

Okay, so by staying up really late when I should've been asleep, I found time to finish a piece for ArtJumble this week. Obviously, the theme was rabbits. This guy started as an evil bunny, but he got kind of non evil looking and then I got sidetracked, and wasn't feeling the desire to give him a body. So the original plan was to have this head poking out of grass. Then, I thought of Watership Down, and the grass became water.