Monday, September 3, 2007

FISH! sketches

Hey there! Just to make it look like I'm doing more arty stuff than I really am, here's four sketches that I scanned to stick on some posters I made for my classroom(s). They're for posters about the FISH! philosophy, this great thing that I learned about during PD up north, and have been reading up on again. The whole philosophy is based on the workers at Pike's Fish Market in Seattle, where the workers just have a ball at work. The four main concepts, as I've sorta illustrated are (in order of the pics) Make Their Day, Play, Be There and Choose Your Attitude. I love the philosophy, as it is more or less the way I feel about life.
Also, I realized that I am fun to draw. Little kids love to draw me.

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Tace said...

That's really cool, the sketches and the FISH philosophy. I looked up their web site, (the fish people) I almost feel guilty that I didn't know anything about the really positive attituding fish people in Seattle!
Thanks for sharing!