Thursday, May 3, 2007


I posted this one on ArtJumble, but I usually post all the AJ stuff here too. There's more explanation than I have time for here, over there...a bit of mixed was gonna be a basic pencil sketch for a larger piece at a later time, but I decided to ink it with a felt pen, and then brush the ink with a wet brush, something that I've been messing with lately (see the pirate from AJ last week) Then, I added some background with an ink wash, and threw in the little pink tongues for some whimsy. I plan to do a better version as a larger piece. I may try to track down the storytellet whose story inspired it and try to get the story and do a series.


Tace said...

This is a beautiful picture. I'm so impresed!!! That story sounded like great creative inspiration for the drawing.

Jolene said...

Very beautiful work Jason!